Ninebot by Segway Mobile App

Ninebot by Segway Mobile App

A Universal App for all Ninebot Segway devices

Access more features and functions like a pro

Connect with the newly design dashboard


Activate your device

Register and activate the ownership of your device


Connect Realtime

to your device technical information and riding data. Reset factory default


Setting and Calibration

Power is in your hands to adjust settings and sensors calibration.  Set lights, warning alarm and speed in an easy to use interface.

Vehicle Diagnostic

Troubleshoot and send diagnostic report.

Explore the various tabs to learn about the health of the device. Checking the battery level, speed limiter, mileage calculator tool and more.

Ninebot by Segway

LIVE Tutorial

Get started with app

Learn to ride by simply following the step by step instruction on the app. Each action sequence is confirmed by live feedback from the practice while you are on board the personal mobility device. Clearing each stage as you complete the guided exercises.


Step One

Read the tutorial documentation pages.


Step Two

Follow the instruction and perform the guided activities. You will be cleared to proceed with next practice action when feedback is recorded on the device.


Step Three

Exceed your ride experience to release the safety features for newbies. Congratulations, you're a pro now. 

Download Mobile App

Scan the respective QR code using your mobile device to install the App  if you're viewing this information from a computer.



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