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leading the changing landscape in workplace mobility to make jobs physically easier, safer and smarter.

At Ninebot singapore, thinking differently and innovating sustainably isn't just a slogan.

We envision to be a key player in contributing to the compounding pace of development in energy efficient electric drive systems. We are convinced that the era of clean energy transportation is viable and its integration with the current energy systems will lead to new infrastructure and policy development in its favor. Our integrated drive system is aligned with the latest fire safety standard (certified UL2272) and adopted by many e-scooter-sharing commercial operators and individual consumer as their personal mobility solution of choice such as electric scooters and e-bikes.

to get around neighbourhood amenities that don't need an LTA registration. It is the first self-balancing e scooter to comply with UL2272 fire safety standard.

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Ninebot mini now comes with PLUS

Most noteworthy, Segway miniPLUS is the first follow-me personal mobility device. It also comes standard with a docking port for your cloud-connected video camera.

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Segway miniPLUS in Singapore Home

Being a world-class global product

Its design integrates advanced know-how adopted by international players in the robotics, machine learning, and unmanned vehicle industry. Our core technology partners are tier-one global leaders in servo-dynamics, cognitive IoT and breakthrough innovators in rechargeable battery technology.

Certainly, a head turner when commuting with this electric unicycle.

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Hoverboard miniLITE at Forester city


The safest hoverboard build for kids 6 years and up. As intuitive as standing, there is no need to learn unnatural foot movement to ride the miniLITE.

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The electrification of transportation is accelerating globally and we are currently devoting substantial resources to meet market opportunities for energy efficient and affordable personal mobility device.  To be the leading robotics and mobility solution for a wide array of industry applications.

Electric Scooter

Make Ninebot Kickscooters your first and last-mile connection to the public transport system.

Robotics & Mobility Devices

Enterprise level mobility solution made affordable for SMEs. Fit for logistic and security applications. Scalable for technology integration with your work processes.

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Ninebot PTR in SIngapore Warehouse