Mobile Robot Platform for Developer

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Segway RMP is an enterprise-grade mobile robot platform so you can build your autonomous robot system quickly and easily.

Model: RMP 401 PLUS

is designed for enterprise and 3rd party developers with a simple and easy to integrate robot chassis solution.

rmp meas

RMP 401 passed rigorous tests to meet the demanding outdoor operations it is built for.

It is an integrated robot platform solution for collaborative development or third-party developers. It can be reprogrammed or customized for specific purposes.

The mobile robot chassis designed for indoor and outdoor distribution, inspection, odometry services, cleaning, and warehousing AGVs, providing scale and customized services for special application robots and other robot automation initiatives.

RMP401 Suspension

Automotive-grade suspension

Double-wishbone suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers help improve navigation even on the bumpiest roads. 

Large battery capacity

The mobile robot platform has a large battery which can provide as long as 10 hours of operation on a single charge. Inbuilt is an intelligent battery management system technology refined by over 400 million batteries managed worldwide. Fast swappable battery modules can be done within 30 seconds giving more to your robot design options.

RMP4-1_batt inter
RMP401plus Halls LR

A truly four-wheel drive

The proprietary drivetrain system distributes power to four axles making it more powerful to handle rotation, incline and payload without trade-offs. Time-tested quality delivered over 10,000 times.


Sequence 01
Ramp stop at 20 degrees incline

Automotive-grade design comes with power-off brake and 4 wheels kinetic energy recovery.

Sequence 02
Modular component

Modular component allows you to add prefabricated parts and includes individual and multi-modular built up systems on the chassis.

APIs enable the user to operate the chassis as intended in command, control and navigate. ROS package provides nodes for chassis control with URDF module for simulation and ROS Drivers.

The hardware follows a modular design and is easy to maintain.