Security Mobility Device

and beyond


Increases security officers’ mobility, making it easier for them to move around the premises.

Operations Mobility

Getting around big premises and multi-level warehouse more efficiently for their daily task.

Security Patrol

Secures premises with higher visit-frequency, optimization of patrolling check-points and faster security response.

Customer Service

Improve customer service response time. Project presence of management personel over a large facility.

Facility Management

Optimise hazard surveillance, asset monitoring, building maintenance, and effective incident response time.

Technology Integration for your Enterprise
with mobile video surveillance

ISO_CITY 5.0 3840

Integrate with your business processes

Onboard Equipment

Provide power and network connectivity for your equipment to operate onboard Ninebot - security mobility devices.

Robotic & A.i. Applications

Our autonomous security robot is deployed as an integral component of an integrated security solutions.

Automated video surveillance with A.I. video recorder. Elevate existing surveillance cameras; providing meaningful video analytics and alerts based on user-defined rules.

Presence Authentication

Add-on Patrolling and Incident Management System.

Makes it easier and smarter for security officers to perform and manage patrols, checks, reporting, and incident response. 

Software Development

As devices move across operational premises, you can use our APIs to integrate with your awesome innovative apps.

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Feasibility and Deployment

Deploying Ninebot security mobility device to your work process is just the beginning of making physical work easier. Now you can make it a part of your automated business processes.






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