Personal Transportation Robot

by far the most intuitive personal transporter

The Technology behind the works

Ninebot-P TR assumes your center-of-gravity as you stand aboard. Your personal transporter robot moves in response to your body movement when you lean forward and back. It seems magical that Ninebot is able to balance itself on two wheels. 

The robotic technology behind this intelligent device is similar to replicating the human inner ear mechanism that keeps us in balance while standing. Your intuitive skill to stand is all you need to control this mobility device.

This is when man and machine becomes one.

Ninebot BnW 1000x1000_96

Lower Carbon Footprint

The electrification of mobility devices is accelerating globally. The technology is well placed to meet the market needs for energy efficient and affordable short-distance travel. Never replacing our divine endowment to walk, Ninebot is your best mobility solution for efficient time/task-oriented application.


Its vertical operation bar can be easily detached, leaving the mainframe at about 20 kilograms of carry-on weight. Easily fits 2-3 units in the trunk of your car. A trusty side-kick for you and your companion on every trip.

How about switching to the optional Handle-less knee steer and glide along hands-free?

Ninebot-P in-trunk
Featured Qlty 1280
Remote Key 784x433_96

Design and Quality

The digital instrument dashboard on Ninebot handle is the industry's first. Ninebot-P is able to smoothly ride pass speed bump and multiple terrains. At only 58cm footprint and a zero degree turning angle, you can move about in tight spots safely and with ease.

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