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The Safest Hoverboard

A child version of the ninebot miniPRO, miniLITE is the safest hoverboard built specially for younger riders from 6 years old and up.

What makes this the safest hoverboard

Specially Designed Features

Design and accessories for kids


Ninebot by Segway miniLITE's Fool-proof Rider Detection system further refined for the younger rider. This helps even more in preventing rider falling.

Precision and Responsive

Height of the knee steering is designed for users as young as 6 years and above. The precision steering action let the rider navigate left and right by intuitively tapping on either side. Responsiveness of the maneuver can be adjusted or set to auto-learning mode. 


The in-app tutorial teaches user through step-by-step practical lessons. Live feedback from the connected device guide you throughout the session. Learn-while-at-play experience is enjoyable while putting parents' anxiety to rest.

Manage Setting

Manage the speed limit or set it to beginner mode via the connected Ninebot by Segway APP.  Manage the setting of the ambient lights, discover riders nearby and view diagnostic information is easy.

Here is one for you kid

Enjoy endless fun riding with the family and exploring the many features of miniLITE.

Have Fun in Style

Go places on your Segway miniLITE - have fun in style. Meet Segway riders in your neighbourhood by using the Ninebot by Segway phone app and join the competition. Measure your performance, learn how you can improve and uncover all that your miniLITE personal mobility device has to offer. Are you afraid of falling or bumping into something? Discover the advantages of the miniLITE's knee control bar which offers precise steering, and enjoy the benefits of solid tires which guarantee a smooth ride on bumpy roads. Are you fearless when rolling? Reach speeds up to 16km/h. Stand out and be safe with your customizable colourful LED lights.


Heaviest Weight of rider is 0 Kgs

20 Kgs100 kgs
Maximum Speed

0 km/h

Package Dimension

0 cubic metre

550mm x 260mm x 590mm
Weight of Device

0 Kilograms

Riding Range on a single charge

0 Kilometres

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