Security Concierge Robot

Security concierge robot with a mobilized video monitoring platform is an integrated part of your security surveillance system. Empowering security service provider with robotics & AI mobile video surveillance.

Put succinctly, autonomous security robot operates in situations where elevated surveillance cameras are not practical or effective.

The primary purpose is to perform laborious & repetitive security patrolling, transmit sensory input, enhanced video surveillance with greater precision and collaborate situational intelligence within an integrated security system.

This Segway robot combines both security & concierge capabilities to offer you a future-ready system that is secure, more efficient, and a reliable technology partner for building your customized security solution.


Autonomous Patrolling

continuous surveillance for impending threats and live security presence at regular and random intervals.


Recharging dock

automatic docking and recharging by power level or scheduled intervals.


Sensory data input

Collection of data from security and environmental sensors installed on-board.


Location awareness

Reinforcement ML synthesizes texture perception data thus inferring the robot's location indoors, especially around very similar environmental structures.


Waypoint Executable Task

support a wide array of executable tasks at multiple waypoints.


Listen-in & Audio trigger

supports two-way audio and I/O switching


Validated & secure connection

secured data transmission to dedicated network.


Discreet Cameras

high-performance cameras are easily integrated into your surveillance system.

Our robot concierge services are system agnostic

Waypoint directional guiding | Multi-points secure delivery | Audio broadcast | 24/7 scheduled services

| supports integration with visitor management systems | can intelligently connect with access control systems ensuring safety and convenience while reducing human errors.

How do you enhance human capabilities with  autonomous security robot system?

Leveraging proximity AI and big data analytics of our vision-based fusion sensors navigation system, the security robot includes automation in many other enabling technologies. Such as interoperability with an access-control system, collaborative connection to an intelligent surveillance system, dedicated wireless communication for on-demand video streaming, and validated secured data transmission with your security network so preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding your system.

Autonomous robot systems complement human creative and social intelligence in areas where scalability and quantitative capabilities allow security service providers to function beyond their physical capacity

Ninebot mobilized video security platform

is perfectly adapted to the requirements of video surveillance systems and video content analytic solutions. 


The Controller Network Hardware

is designed for installation onboard autonomous vehicles. For the nature of its application, it is shock, bump and vibration tested. The device is built leveraging a passive cooling method for rapid heat dissipation without compromising computational performance for both CPUs and SoC.

The platform supports wireless communication 4G, Wi-Fi and UWB. 


High-performance cameras and sensor modules

to meet diverse user applications. See what’s happening live through your cameras wirelessly on-demand; via a mobile App or at the command control center.  Supports up to 8 channels of HDTV video stream at low latency mode and 1TB Edge storage while the robot is offline.  Built-in cybersecurity enables easy integration with your secured network. 


Robot fleet management and scheduling

A robust system of mapping and navigation algorithm was further refined and enhanced by cloud service network to deliver intelligent dynamic scheduling and real-time service monitoring, without any manual maintenance.

Enhanced by big data and machine learning

    • Cloud-based scheduling
    • Real-time service monitoring
    • Remote & Navigation cloud service
    • Path specific elevator call
    • Data & statistics