Ninebot Go Kart Kit


 A Big Toy for Kiddo and Small Racing Car for Dad.

The Ninebot Gokart Kit is one of the most unique accessories we’ve ever released. By attaching your Ninebot minipro base to the kit you’re able to enjoy a fully-functional go-kart, able to reach top speeds of up to 24km/h. With adjustable frame length, three-speed modes and a maximum payload of 100kg. Parents and kids alike will be able to enjoy the experience.


[Segway miniPLUS and other models are temporarily not supported.]

We’ve provided the bundled option because the Go-Kart Kit needs to include a miniPRO/S-PRO device to work as a Go-Kart.

Ninebot Minipro by Segway

This is a special bundle price GoKart Kit that includes a compatible Ninebot miniPRO/S-PRO. Valid for single purchase ONLY.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Ninebot Go-Kart Kit

Turn your Ninebot miniPRO into a fully-functional go-kart, capable of speeds up to 24 KPH, with the Ninebot Gokart Kit. 



[Segway miniPLUS and other models are temporarily not supported.]

We’ve provided the bundled option so your purchase includes a compatible miniPRO/S-PRO device.


Non-inflatable Hollow Tire
It is convenient to be maintained. The well-designed
full vertical pattern and excellent drainage capacity
bring relieved enjoyment to the riding process.



Two Layered Impact Protection
The outer part is a plastic cushion layer used
for absorbing energy during a collision so as to effectively
reduce the impact force. The inner layer uses a steel
main beam to provide high-impact protection for the
Go-Kart body and to reduce chances of deformation of the
GoKart Kit.



Built-in Redundancy Brake System
The double braking system ensures more safety. You
can achieve emergency braking through the hand
brake in case of an emergency or electronic brake


Inverse Drive System of miniPRO
Wired (main) and Bluetooth wireless (standby) communication
methods are used for communication between
the controller of the GoKart and the ninebot miniPRO;
when the controller detects a malfunction of the wired
communication, it will switch to Bluetooth communication


Bucket Seat to keep you firmly in Pole-position

The seat covering is increased to resist the centrifugal-force made by the human body during intense driving.
The EVA layer on the surface of the seat presents a strong sense of quality.




Additional information

Weight 27.8 kg
Dimensions 109 × 86 × 50.5 cm

Ninebot Minipro by Segway

Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 58 × 38 cm

White, Black


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