Segway miniLITE


The safest hoverboard build for kids 6 years and up.

As intuitive as standing, there is no need to learn unnatural foot movement to ride the miniLITE.

Enjoy endless fun riding with the family and exploring the many features of miniLITE.

  • Fool-proof Rider Detection system
  • Precision Knee-steer action
  • In-app tutorial to learn while you play

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Go places on your Segway mini LITE – have fun in style.

Meet Segway riders in your neighborhood by using the Nine bot by Segway App and join the competition.

Measure your performance. learn how you can improve and uncover all that your miniLITE has to offer.

Are you afraid of falling or bumping into something?

Discover the advantages of the m1rnLITE’s knee control bar which offers precise steering, and enjoy the benefits of solid tires which guarantee a smooth ride on bumpy roads. Are you fearless when rolling?

Reach speeds up to 16km/h. Stand out and be safe with your customizable colorful LED lights.

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Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 26 × 59 cm


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