Ninebot Go Kart Pro


The Ninebot GoKart PRO is a completely reimagined version of its predecessor the Ninebot go-kart kit.

Upped the game with this whole new level of go-kart performance; on the track or at an experience-based attraction.

Get ready to experience go-karting like never before with power oversteer drifting.

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Upped the Game with Ninebot Go-Kart PRO

This is a completely reimagined version of its predecessor the Ninebot go-kart kit.

Experience this whole new level of go-kart performance; on the track or at an experience-based attraction.

The Go-Kart PRO attained new levels of performance after two years and more than 30,000 kilometres of racetrack testing, resulting in improved steering response and overall durability.


Auto Hold System

The automatic holding system can prevent slipping especially when the go-kart pro is parked on an inclined track.

Designed Like Supercars

the rear engine and the rear-wheel-drive are predominant layouts similarly. The weight distribution is designed with 40% front and 60% rear. Comparatively, it is the oversteer that makes this rear-wheel-drive more fun. 

Special Drifting TPE Rear Tires

The cutting-edge TPE rear tires bring users the most exciting drifting experience ever. As in catching and correcting an oversteer moment; holding a rear-wheel glide is just exhilarating. In addition, the controllable rear-end and high-speed cornering make it easier to show off drifting techniques like a professional racer. 

Immersive Engine Sound Simulator (Bluetooth Speaker)

The 4x8W high-power speaker on the Go-kart PRO emulates engine sounds of single-cylinder, two-cylinder, V8, or V12 engine revving to create a more immersive go-karting experience. The speaker can also be used as an independent Bluetooth speaker to play the driver’s choice of music.

Four Driving Modes

Suitable for beginners and professionals, everyone can enjoy the ride. Switch between Safety, Regular, Sports, and Race Track mode. Ninebot’s customized brushless motor can markedly achieve responsive control. Above all, it uses a high-end pure copper coil that features minimal internal resistance, reduced heat, and electricity loss, thus delivering instantaneous torque and speed.



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Dimensions 104 × 85 × 46 cm


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